How many New Years do you have left?

Are you busy – frantic till the dawn of Christmas Day?  Then too much food,  too much Christmas cheer and another year all but gone….
I don’t know about you – but I collapse.  On the other side of Christmas – time for a “breather” another hectic year survived.
The days through to New Year are a no-man’s-land, … a blur…  Time passed by in a slow lazy haze…
We dust off the old year and brace ourselves for the one ahead – distracting  ourselves with leisure activities – cricket/  yachting/ swimming/ friends/ family/ sleep/ a book.
A year of our life lived in a week.
Then it’s New Year, party time…..a time to make New Year resolutions.  A fresh start, a new beginning.
The fireworks. Champagne. Friends.
Within days the promises are left behind in the rubble that was last year.  The rush of life quickly becomes our immediate reality…. our new year.
Dealing with each day as it rolls around becomes our full-time occupation.
Leisure, living life, time for friends and love – adjourned  to our next holiday or beyond.
Those very human essentials become lost in the dark shadows of our mind along with our New Year promises.
Here is a challenge for you this time round – to make this year really count.
The easy bit …make a promise to tackle your  Estate Planning this year.  Not just the legal and financial parts – they just facilitate the real game – your life plan.  Have one.
And the hard bit –  make it happen.
Take some real time out.  That brief hiatus after Christmas is an opportunity for you to plan your year ahead – perhaps your whole life ahead – or at least committing to do so.
You only have one life – and it’s passing you by. Wouldn’t it be nice to take control and maximise what’s left?
How many New Years do you have left?  funny_death_by_airesnfHow many more opportunities to make resolutions you don’t keep?
Thanks to Readers Digest – a reminder that it’s never too early to get our house in order.
Santa won’t deliver Nirvana, nor will drifting in the wind. If you don’t identify your destination and plan how you’ll get there – you won’t.
It’s hard enough with an identified destination and plan.  Have neither and you’ll have….neither.  It’s a simple recipe and works every time.
Keep any eye open for short blogs from me between now and New Year with a few tips to help you.
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If you are too busy to read the posts before Christmas – read them in that break AFTER Christmas when family matters can be fresh on your mind after your Christmas family catch-up. You’ll be in right frame of mind to reflect on how your estate planning – or lack of it – will impact on those around you.
What about you? How do you react to this time of year?
A time for celebration? or relaxation? or contemplation?

The end is nigh

The title is a bit misleading.  It’s the year….not the world that’s coming to an end.

Responses to my last blog varied from ‘wonderful’ to ‘full of too much hot air’.  With a reservation on the right to be self-indulgent occasionally…future blogs will be shorter.  Trust me – I’m a lawyer.

01-getting-in-afKeep tuned for  a series of blogs about the links between Christmas, New Year, estate planning, digital assets and your legacy.

The Reader’s Digest summed up many of the issues in this cartoon I’d like to share with you. 

I invite your feedback and ideas for future blogs on estate planning and/or travel.