You can learn an Estate Planning lesson from Mongolian sports: EP Tip 2

Have you been lucky enough to visit Mongolia during their Nadaam Festival?

I did recently. The festival is an annual celebration  of all things dear to their hearts – their heritage – their traditions – their national pride and in particular – their national sports  and games.  

Small desert communities and large urban centers alike create a spectacle of colour and action.

…and their national sports and games….



Wrestlers can spend hours in a single tussle

Tactics over brawn…..brawn over time

It’s intense

It’s a people’s sport but Mongolian wrestlers have a history of winning Sumo championships in Japan who like defeat as much as they like Greenpeace

Tile Flicking

Tile Flicking


The game of Tile Flicking involves flicking a tile over  distances of about 3 meters to hit a target.

A target the size of a 5 cent piece sitting on the small stage of a miniature ‘Punch and Judy’ setting.

I kid you not.


Archers have mere millimeters over a distance of 75 meters to set themselves apart.

I share a few more of my photos at the end of this blog.

….and of course horse racing.

The jockeys… the younger ones (6 years) race for 25 km…  the older ones (max age 14) ride for distances up to 50km in each race.  Jockeys over the age of 14 years –  don’t exist.


Check out the race finish at the conclusion of a long distance, bare back endurance race in the photos below.

Each of these sports/games involves intense concentration, precision and endurance.

 In each of these activities the competitors have to be totally aware of what they’re doing, while they’re doing it – throughout the event.

Sound simple? – try it

….when you are listening to someone –  focus – be consciously aware that you are listening  – every moment.  Be present in the moment and don’t let the mind wander.

It’s this presence of mind that helps the Mongols extract the most from their sports and games – their daily lives.

They are aware of their thoughts as they emerge and conscious of their actions as they undertake them.  They extract the very essence out of each moment – and use it.

They don’t let their minds wander – they hold onto the moment – and make the most of it.

So how does this apply to estate planning ?

EP Tip  2:  Estate Planning requires you to review things you already know (or think you know) – focus on current and longer term needs – and identify potential problems and devise solutions to solve them.  Unless faced with an immediate worry or threat the ‘why bother’ factor dictates our lack of attention to Estate Planning.  You’re a bear waiting to put your foot in an unseen trap.

Estate planners like me can help – facilitate – act as a catalyst  –  prompt – make suggestions – but ultimately the solution is always a personal one – yours.  You bear the weight of identifying the solution that meets your personal and financial circumstances.  As they say, ‘it’s tough but someone has to do it’  – and in this instance the ball starts in your court.

It’s all too easy to get distracted. Take the time and effort to be aware of your thoughts as they emerge – you’ll find it you helps lift your level of awareness – new insights – the blinding obvious appears – where a void existed before.

If you think it’s too hard just reflect on what these photos depict …. and dive into all those issues you can’t or don’t want to deal with.

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Some last minute tips from grand-dad


Last moment race preparations

A two hour ride to the start line

A two hour ride to the start line

Horse Racing

24 km down and 1 km to go – just  5 of the 120 who started – the rest follow over the horizon – a dust storm

and yet more horse racing

the finish line – a bare back rider romps in


Everyone is captivated


Even the local wild life – every one gets involved


Both hit the target with their tile


Preparing the crowd for the wrestlers


The wrestlers are presented to the crowd


Remember EP Tip 1: Its never too early to begin





So here’s looking at you

As you can tell, I love travel and photography and seeing how other people live.  As an Estate Planning lawyer, I love to see how people from different cultures pass on traditions to and provide for future generations.

If you can recommend any places (or cultures) I should explore on my next adventure – please share in the comments section below.

Just being alive can be an adventure and a bit of planning can help you and your loved ones m

ake every adventure one to remember !