Accountability – legacy – and outright lies

Did you watch the budget speech last night?

Without venturing to comment on the budget itself I wish to ask a question: why do we trust any politician?

ICAC deliberations in recent years put us on notice that we should be alert and perhaps a little alarmed.  State or Federal – they’re politicians.

In his campaign launch speech in August, Mr Abbott said: “The worst deficit is not the budget deficit but the trust deficit. This election is about trust.”

Differs from what he and his colleagues where saying last night – by about 180degrees. Now fixing the budget is the the ONLY promise that matters.

A bit like saying some porkies are only minor infringements whilst others are mortal sins.  Some can be easily forgiven, others not.

How you categorise each seems to be the only thing that matters.  Re-categorising them … your god given right as a politician.  Mr Abbott can purge his sins in a confessional and walk out feeling pretty good with himself.  Others in our community are likely to find it harder to move on.

The budget may turn out to be the best thing ever ( I reserve my judgement), my point is that it’s clearly OK to say, and do, anything to get elected.

Where is the accountability?

It leaves me a bit cold. Crystal Clear-59

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