Crisis for children with disabilities – read if you dare

First world health care means longer lives for the most vulnerable in our community.

Our most vulnerable now outlive their parents.

Who cares? Too few it seems.

Think about it – apart from accommodation provided by parents, where do our cognitively disabled live?

With  other family ?… sadly, but often for good reason, no!

There is no federal funding scheme for accommodation. State  governments are withdrawing what little they did provide.

Government service providers will end up delivering services to their clients who live in parks, on footpaths and under bridges along with their homeless buddies.  There is no exaggeration here.

I’ll happily apologize if anyone can point to the flaw in my prediction.

Solution: have wealthy parents.  Don’t we all wish !

I invite you to read the SMH article at the following link. It highlights a looming crisis in the disability sector, but stops short of throwing a light on the elephant in the room….. accommodation once the aging carers can care no longer.

Maybe it’s my nature and training , but I am a firm believer in planning.  As you’ll see in the article, there is a looming crisis and it seems little or no planning to deal with it.

Link here

ABC article

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