Dogs in Paris

No, this isn’t about the English, nor those Frenchmen who are barking mad (in fact we found the Parisians extremely friendly).

I’ll share photos of some of the fun times with the locals in future posts.

No, this is short photo collection that demonstrates the French love and tolerance of their beloved hounds.

Love Locks (2 of 3)

Brunch at Cafe Magot – one of the best in Paris

Love Locks (1 of 3)

Dinner with the family at a local restaurant

Love Locks (3 of 3)

Booties….well it is winter

Paris Dogs (4 of 13)

The very fast train is a hoot

Paris Dogs (6 of 13).jpg

Inspecting fountains at the Royal Palace

Paris Dogs (8 of 13).jpg

Puppy play-time in the gardens of the Louvre

Paris Dogs (7 of 13).jpg

Wasn’t this why the Louvre was made?


Paris Dogs (10 of 13).jpg

There is an after-life for us dogs

Paris Dogs (13 of 13)

The French do irreverent well


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2 Comments on “Dogs in Paris”

  1. Marcela says:

    Cool pictures. I visited Paris, France years ago, and I didn’t get the same experience you did. When I spoke English, people literally ignored me even though I was trying to buy things from them. I switched to Spanish, my native language, and they were amazingly helpful. My conclusion: they don’t like Americans. Too bad for them. One thing though that I really liked about Paris was that dogs were not restricted like they are here in the US. As a dog trainer, I believe that the reason why so many dogs have a variety of issues is because they don’t get to spend enough time out of the house with their owners. I looked at the body language in the dogs you photographed and they all look relaxed. I do wish the rules were more relaxed for dogs in the US than what we have right now.

  2. Emma Reilly says:

    Loved this! Aussies are far too discriminatory about Pooches and where they can go!

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