Love and Locks in Paris

Paris has the reputation of being the City of Love. A well earned reputation from my recent observations.

If you have visited perhaps we could share notes, if you haven’t – lift Paris to the top of your To Do List.

It’s a romantic city, oozing with history, charm and splendor. Be warned – she is very seductive …. you’ll  fall in love with her.  She’s also the city to love … second only behind Sydney of course. 

Is it the romantic French, who claim to be the world’s best lovers that makes this city so appealing? The buildings, their architecture, history and tasteful grandness?

Or is it perhaps the impact of the ever-present sea of pheromones  wafting through the air from all the visiting honeymooners and young lovers. Yes, thousands of them in the middle of the European winter. 

Perhaps it’s the thought of being restricted to indoor activities due to poor weather that attracts them ??? But no, they are out and about enjoying the city’s museums, streets, and other offerings …. all the time infecting the rest of the city with their inner glow.

The bridges crossing the Seine are blessed with dedications of romance – padlocks adorn every inch of handrails from shore to shore.

Love Locks (1 of 4)

Lovers attach the locks and cast the keys into the Seine as a sign of their undying affection and commitment.

Or perhaps is just affection ….. perhaps commitment is optional or limited to ‘for the  time being’.  That’s one explanation for the increasing number of combination locks that are being used …. You know …. Just in case the lock needs to be removed at some future date.  An escape hatch. A back door. The equivalent of a stenciled tattoo. 

Love Locks (3 of 4)

… you know …. as I preach in all my blogs …. always plan ahead …. Estate planning isn’t just about doing a Will.

Or perhaps, like internet passwords, the lovers imagine they’ll simply forget the code – if

Love Locks (2 of 4)their relationship lasts long enough. Perhaps they’re not thinking at all … well not about the type of padlock anyway.

Regardless the reason, it would avoid having to find a bolt cutter if the need arose.

Love Locks (4 of 4)

Visit Paris and take a padlock – if you’re not in love before you go – you may just get lucky.

Keep an eye open for more blogs from about Paris. It’s a photographers paradise.

And …. watch for my new book, being printed right now ‘Understanding Wills and Estate Planning’ it will be available in bookstores, newsagents and online in March.

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