EP + Photography

…. have a lot in common.

The more I pursue my passion for photography and my profession in Estate Planning – the more the common connections come into focus.

Have you had the experience? – as the camera’s shutter fires (sh’rr tonk) you just know ‘that will be a great photo … I nailed it’.

All the elements – the composition, the light, the timing, a story narrative, the correct camera settings – all those things that make a great photo come together and are caught in a heart  beat.  A magic moment.

Then there are those other … more frequent experiences:  ‘I hope I got that’ or ‘I hope I can make something of that’ or ‘bugger, I missed it’.

Or perhaps a later moment when you discover your camera settings weren’t correct for any number of a thousand reasons.  With me it’s usually because I’ve bumped a setting, or forgotten to change a setting after my last shot or simply didn’t have my brain in gear.

You know that feeling ….  ‘I stuffed it’.

Magic moments sometimes just happen. A mix of skill, timing and luck combine to make a great photo and to make you a great photographer. Sometimes it’s luck alone.

Great photographer’s however make magic moments happen.

Like me, I’m sure they sometimes strike it lucky too but the reality is that their best photos come about through planning each shot, and leaving nothing (or as little as possible) to chance.

Planning leads to refined skills that in turn help improve the odds of ‘getting it right’.  BUT pure talent never replaces the need to plan if you want to gets the best results.

Some shots take a lot of planning, some require a long lead time to prepare for, some require support and guidance from others, some require lots of resources.

Camera gear plays its role but is often secondary to other elements of the equation.

Long after I took up photography as a hobby, I was on a social outing with friends. One was a professional photographer. I took many shots with my cheap “point and shoot” camera. I captured lots of great memories but no great shots. My friend the photographer picked up my camera and (after planning each shot for a few moments) took half a dozen photos. I kept every one. They were truly wonderful ….. and also captured great memories.

Same subject matter as mine but he planned each shot. He had talent. Learned talent. Skills acquired over time – experience, but still he planned each shot (even if only for a very short time) and the combination of experience and planning bore out the results.

Estate Planning is the same. To get it right requires planning, sometimes lots of planning, the right equipment and help of an expert with experience.

As a planning professional I have a high success rate at achieving good outcomes.  Outcomes achieved by working through all the elements and carefully defining a client’s options and then planning and over seeing their implementation.

My photography on the other hand needs a lot more time and attention. I tend to take photos on holidays so I shoot anything that catches my eye as I buzz past.  As my experience increases the planning time reduces, but it seems – often not enough time!

I’ve had enough experience that I can get some reasonable shots with just a little planning for each shot but I’m a long way from taking great shots – I need to take the time to plan and apply my experience in a structured way.

To wrap up: great photographers make good photos happen – people who take heir family responsibilities seriously take the time to plan for their future so that they maximise the chances of achieving the best outcomes.

OR be a gambler ….  elect to always just  “point and shoot” – you may get lucky.

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Who am I ?

I’m a specialist estate planning lawyer + professional traveller + keen photographer + political observer. I like to share my experiences across all four devotions – often as a mixed lot. If you like this blog please subscribe for more.


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Disclaimer: this blog is of a general nature for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Readers should seek specific help for their specific circumstances.

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  1. kedoak says:

    captivated by the photography , simply stunning
    wise counsel on estates

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