The blacks and whites in Paris

……. and all shades of grey in between ….

Paris and Provence  are a delight if you like black and white photography.  Any photography for that matter.  I resisted shooting plates of food – – – and stuck to eating it.

Below I share a selection of photos I took during a recent visit to Paris and Provence.

There is no rhyme or reason to the selection … more random than thoughtful. If you don’t like these I have LOTS more.

The first is a colour photo – just to let you know I did see lots of colour too – then a few with dashes of colour to ease you into the B&Ws that cover the full range from high to low contrast.

I hope you enjoy them.


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60th Trip (4 of 27)


60th Trip (28 of 1)


60th Trip (5 of 27)


60th Trip (1 of 27)


60th Trip (25 of 27)


60th Trip (22 of 27)


60th Trip (21 of 27)


60th Trip (23 of 27)


60th Trip (12 of 27)


60th Trip (3 of 27)


60th Trip (19 of 27)


60th Trip (26 of 27)


60th Trip (2 of 27)


60th Trip (20 of 27)


60th Trip (6 of 27)


60th Trip (10 of 27)


60th Trip (18 of 27)


60th Trip (13 of 27)


60th Trip (17 of 27)


60th Trip (14 of 27)


60th Trip (9 of 27)


60th Trip (11 of 27)


60th Trip (8 of 27)


60th Trip (27 of 27)


60th Trip (7 of 27)

Our Longest Journey


What does 1955 mean to you?

1955 has had an impact on all of us, regardless of our current age: the Mickey Mouse Club and Dame Edna Everage had their debut performances, Disneyland California and the first McDonalds opened … Fibre Optics, Lego and Velcro were invented … Twelve Angry Men swept the Emmy  Awards …. Albert Einstein died  – and both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born. And of course Elvis was in full flight

Fast forward to 2015 ……. for my contemporaries we’re celebrating a landmark.  It marks a journey of 60 years toward our ultimate destiny. For some that’s a spiritual place, and others dust.

It’s has been a year of parties where we have caught up with current friends and others past, some merely shadows at the edge of our recall.


Like photos in a travel journal, memories are shared and reflectful thought (and perhaps liquid refreshments) cast new light on experiences long past, some best forgotten, others joyfully salvaged from dusty neurological pathways.

Loud music, dancing and the noise of banter ….. all a distraction from the enormity of the elephant in the corner.  Like contemplating the return elephant

journey after a long trip, there is much more to be enjoyed but we’ve reached a point where the journey is no longer outward bound.  We have seen more years come and go than we will see again.

Measured in time, our past has been much longer than our future will be.

So why celebrate our short future rather than mourn our travelled decades?

Having reached my 60th, my life expectancy just increased by 20%  – just by getting here!   Nothing pays a better dividend than that !

But that’s not why it’s a time to celebrate – well not the only reason – accumulated experience and a lifetime of work make this a time we can begin to at least notice the roses around us, even if we have yet to stop to smell them.

Our appreciation of each experience begins to overtake the mere fact of having had the experience. The appreciation too … of the existence of a relationship as an experience …. itself to be appreciated and savored.  Again and again, but for making the time to do so.

By other measures, the future holds rewards for which the past has merely set the scene.

Education, career ambitions, family and work commitments consume decades that pass like the vista flashes past the window of our very fast train.

train 2-2

Beauty to be beheld at every glance … but decades pass by all too quickly to absorb it all.  The rim of our mental cups fill to the brim and overflow with the vastness of a life time of events, joys, experiences and learnings … flow over and away, flow into the distance, flow toward oblivion.

It’s time to stem the flow, dam the memories before they’re damned.  Time to notice, time to capture the scent …. time ….

The Future for all of us

60 years past, fast forward by 20 and what do we see …. from today 10 years maybe 15 to exploit the opportunities of 60 years of preparation before a quieter, more sedentary existence will consume us.

There’s not a lot of time to sit around thinking about what we’ll make of this envelope of time.

If life were a recipe, we hold at hand a concentrate, an essence, we have distilled over time to enrich what we have to savour, to achieve ahead of us.

What now? … the certainty of inertia, or the uncertainty of a change ….

Reflective of my professional career, planning is central to identifying what the future can deliver

…implementation central to delivery

…procrastination the potential of an unfulfilled wandering from cradle to grave.

What do you plan to do?

No idea.

Think about it.

Who am I ?

I’m a specialist estate planning lawyer + professional traveller + keen photographer + political observer. I like to share my experiences across all four devotions – often as a mixed lot. If you like this blog please subscribe for more.


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