60 and counting. Counting down.


When did you last have a night out that satisfied your every dream?


I can’t remember either, but last night I came very close.

A celebration of our 60th birthdays – that is, my wife Margot’s and my birthdays.

Family, friends, good food, good wine, great dancing music and the perfect location – watching the sun set in the west across Sydney Harbour from the verandah of a community yacht club with the full moon rising over our shoulders to the east…the sound of bubbles escaping capture as they are fluted in well wishing salutes.

From each decade passed through, each stage of our life experienced, each challenge worked through, each success celebrated, each failure diluted, those present have contributed to making our lives special.  And they’re not all our vintage.  Children of friends, their partners and friends, all part of a circle that welcomes us, and shares.


And the stories begin, individual discoveries ranging from God, travel, grandchildren and new loves through to a new golf handicap and commonly – the simplicity of de-cluttering…. garages, homes, work and minds. Expensive cars and other trappings giving way to a quest to achieve that rarest of commodities: more time.  Or rather, making the most of the time we have.

Loud conversation, louder music, food shared, the floor bouncing under the gyrations of discordant dance, stories abound and a few themes emerge… Universally, Health and friendships have become our most valued treasures.  Finding time for both our biggest challenge.

Actuaries predict our life expectancy increases by 20% if we reach the age of 60. I limped across the line and at midnight on the eve of my 60th I grasped the promise of extra time as if it where the winning ticket in a multi million dollar lottery.

10 years to do those physical things that I’ve planned for 60, thereafter a more restrictive diet of physical goals and a focus on the cerebral.

So I ask, what will I stop doing to make time for my priorities?

Good question.


Another good one.

The shared camaraderie I experienced last night is a stark reminder of many shocking and comforting truths.  We are social beings.  We are capable of sharing and caring.


We need to spend more time doing so and the time to start doing more is now, not tomorrow.

Professionally, I deal with preparation for death. Wills and estates.  Important stuff.  Not half as important however as living life while we still can as life will pass us by, whilst death will consume us forever.

Pregnant with ideas … it’s stocktake time …. or rather, spring cleaning time … It’s time to do a list of ‘will-do’s’ not a list of ‘like-to-do’s’.

For those interested, I’ll post all the photos from the evening on Instagram sometime in the next week.

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