What Gobi Desert Nomads know about Estate Planning that you don’t: EP Tip 1

Have you visited the Gobi desert?  If not, place it on your ‘to do’ list.  


Goats get a rare treat – water


The Mongolian Nomads live a simple – but hard hard life – in a terrain that is unforgiving….marvel at how they survive.

They have little – of a material nature  – to offer  –  just their hospitality – but its worth the trip just to experience their love of life and their welcoming smiles …and if you are a photographer….its paradise.

This blog includes a few photos I snapped when I was there.

The Gobi is home to about 600,000 Mongolian Nomads – almost half of Mongolia’s population.  

They roam in perpetual search for meager pickings to sustain their livestock stock and themselves.

They roam across vast expanses of gravelly plains sparsely dotted with a short tough grass.

Remote, with long, hard winters at minus 40 C  and short, sizzling summers at +30 C  –  it’s not an easy life.


Inbound dust storm – 10 minutes later – zero visability

While weathered parents and grandparents follow a path that their forbears and nature has laid out for them, they plan the future of their children and children’s children with certainty – direction – determination.

Mother & Child

Mother & Child

I met Bet, a mother, the eldest of 5 children.  Her destiny  – assisting her parents manage their nomadic existence AND facilitating her parents to fund the education of her 4 younger siblings.  Now all professionals.

THEIR PLAN – one day the younger children will provide for her parents in their dotage.   Perhaps a small home on the edge of a town with water, electricity and a plot to keep a few goats.  Their nomadic life a memory.

Bet and babe

Bet and babe

And Bet’s own children – the same long-term plan – one remains on the desert plains to help her and her husband while the others are given the opportunity to be nomads no-more.

The lesson: no matter what our stage in life or our wealth (or lack of it) the time to start planning – our future – our kids’ future – and future generations is NOW.  It’s never too late to start but many things take time to implement so the earlier you start the better the chances of success.

For many people Estate Planning can seem hard – and it can be.  But nowhere as hard as life in the Gobi.





The nomadic people of the Gobi manage to improve the lives of themselves and their future generations – through perseverance and planning.

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A lonely camel

A lonely camel_RGC0736-2

Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes